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Preotica utilises the functional power of mushrooms combined with biotechnology and scientific practices to enhance the digestive function, microbiological health, physical metrics, and over-all well-being of farmed Poultry. 


Poultry - Broiler

SKU: 00000000005
1 Liter
  • The gut microbiome of poultry houses a diverse range of microbial communities that play multiple roles in the regulation of the immune system as well as animal productivity, overall health, and well-being. Preotica’s role in immunomodulation is just one aspect of our integrated, coordinated approach to produce healthy broiler birds that are also safe and wholesome products for consumers. Through optimising the health of a broiler bird's microbiome and immune system, Preotica assists the GIT absorption and subsequent utilisation of functional nutrients within existing feed diets to increase bird health, feed conversion, weight and quality.

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