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PREOTICA®= functional fungus


Preotica® is a liquid mushroom extract concentrated with immune boosting mushroom compounds. Preotica® is administered as a feed supplement where these  immunostimulant compounds often induce activation of non-specific/innate immune mechanisms, resulting in increased disease resistance.


Preotica®, as a specialty feed additive, has delivered extremely positive outcomes in treatment trials with poultry, aquaculture, and bee farming. Preotica® has been shown to enhance animal immunity, GIT microbiome health, overall longevity, and feed digestibility to improve the nutritional value of the animal feed. Research is currently underway investigating swine and fish farming applications.


Preotica’s success  and forecasted impact on the industry is reflected in testimonials from all our customers.

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The global specialty feed additives market surpassed USD 7.60 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise at a CAGR of 5.43% by the end of 2028[1].  The primary factor contributing to the booming rise in global demand for specialty feed additives is the currently high disease infliction rate among typical farm animals.


There is an absence of solutions for specific diseases in most animal farming industries. Preotica® brings to the market a solution for each type of animal and for each life cycle stage of the animal.  Preotica® has experienced significant early success in creating natural products to enhance animal lifespan and immunity.

Free Range Poultry Farm


In Field Applied Research Trial shows that Preotica® preventative solution has a direct, significant and positive impact on drug-resistant infections. 


In a 2018 trial in WA, Australia on 8,000 birds, 

the weekly mortality rate from E. coli 

decreased by 65% in 10 days.


In a 2019 treatment vs preventative trial against Spotty Liver Disease in WA, Australia on 14,000 birdsshowed that the weekly egg number increased by 16.5% and the mortality rate decreased by 65% in the prevention model compared to the treatment model.  


In 2019 a Placebo controlled Spotty Liver Disease (SLD) Prevention trial was done in QLD, Australia to show the efficacy & economic efficiency of Preotica®. In 40,000 birds the control group showed an outbreak of SLD with the need of antibiotics and no SLD outbreak in the Preotica® group. 

Total dirty eggs showed a decrease in 28.7% 

and total eggs went up by 4.4%.



“Annual losses of beehives from 2018-2019 was approximately 40%”

- Radboud University, The Netherlands

In a placebo controlled Honey Bee longevity trial in 2018 in Quebec, Canada the Preotica® group showed an increase of honey bee longevity by 8.22% compared to a control group fed with sugar water only.

Farmers say that the hives with Preotica® look fantastic and clean. They can't find any diseases or any chalkbrood, it's absolutely clean. The brood was expanding and consistent. They have seen a very positive effect of the extract.

Animal brown horse
Wild Turkey

 Equine, turkey and swine are

currently under going global trials

with promising results.

Black Pig


Preotica® extract for shrimp is a complex of fungi strains and Australian native bush foods with immunostimulant bioactive compounds such as [beta]-1,3-glucan and triterpenoids extracted to target specific pathogens such as the white spot syndrome virus. This solution is designed to improve resistance to diseases in shrimp by decreasing mortality rate significantly.


So far we have conducted large scale in field research on 18 million prawns, which has demonstrated a statistically significant increase of production with ​+6.5-12%​ more post-larvae (PLs) than control group.

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