PREOTICA = functional fungus


Preotica is a liquid mushroom extract concentrated with immune boosting mushroom compounds. Preotica is administered as a feed supplement where these  immunostimulant compounds often induce activation of non-specific/innate immune mechanisms, resulting in increased disease resistance.


Preotica aims to solve antimicrobial resistance in farmed animals by utilising this functional power of mushrooms combined with biotechnology and scientific practices. This product and its application on poultry farms is backed by peer reviewed scientific literature and rigorous product testing trials. Through continued trials and R&D by our team, we have engineered a highly effective alternative to AMR causing remedies in the field of animal husbandry.


Preotica’s success  and forecasted impact on the industry is reflected in testimonials from all our customers.

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Over-use and misuse of antibiotics in animals and humans is contributing to the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance (WHO)

Annual cost of antimicrobial resistance of $2B in US alone

The World Health Organisation (WHO) describes AMR as a looming crisis in which common and treatable infections will become life threatening


“The long term consequences are that these medicines are not effective. So, we will return to an era, pre 20th century where we don’t have medicines to cure even the most simple of infections”

-Juan Lubroth, Chief Veterinary Officer at FAO.

Both aquaculture and swine are

currently under going global trials

with promising results.


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