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"Fungi have been responsible for providing a variety of bioactive compounds with diverse activities which have been developed into blockbuster drugs such as Cyclosporine, Caspofungin, Lovastatin and Fingolimod etc. It has been reported that ca. 40% of the 1453 New Chemical Entities (NCE’s) approved by USFDA are natural products, natural product inspired or mimics many of which have their origins from fungi. Hence fungal compounds are playing a very important role in drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry.”


  - Current Bioactive Compounds Journal (2019)

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Preotica® - Beemunity

20l / 20kg

Preotica® is a mushroom extract concentrated with immune boosting mushroom compounds. Preotica® is administered as a bee sugar water additive where these immunostimulant compounds often induce activation of non-specific/innate immune mechanisms, resulting in stimulation of growth of beneficial bacteria along with increased disease resistance.


Preotica® has a prebiotic effect that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, leading to reduced growth of pathogenic bacteria and natural defence system modulation, resulting in less pathogenic infection and increased bee longevity. 

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Preotica® - Poultry

20l / 20kg

The gut microbiome of poultry houses a diverse range of microbial communities that play multiple roles in the regulation of the immune system as well as animal productivity, overall health, and well-being.


Preotica® targets modulation of the immune system to reduce inflammation, boost a weakened immune response, manage gut health, and assist in the control of disease and pathogens 

Through optimising the health of both laying and broiler birds microbiome and immune system Preotica® also assists the GIT absorption and subsequent utilisation of functional nutrients within existing feed diets to increase bird health, weight and quality.

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Preotica® - Equine

20l / 20kg

At Preotica®, we understand the benefits associated with the use of mushroom products as well as those attributed to full spectrum mushroom preparations. Our product range has been masterfully crafted to assist the equine athlete and those non-athletic horses with performance, recovery and overall health.


Through modulation of inflammatory pathways, enhanced immune function, respiratory efficiency and antioxidant support the bioactive components of Preotica® equine products will help your horse perform, recover, and stay healthy.

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Preotica® - Aquaculture

20l / 20kg

Preotica® has been observed to strengthen immunity in colonies of prawns leading to a reduction in disease and mortality. This is achieved by extracting bioactive compounds from functional mushrooms with immune enhancing and antiviral activities, making available to prawn colonies as a feed additive. 

Preotica® contains bioactive compounds such as [beta]-1,3-glucan and triterpenoids that target specific pathogens such as the white spot syndrome virus. Preotica® is designed to improve resistance to diseases in shrimp by decreasing mortality rate significantly.  

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Preotica® - Swine

20l / 20kg

Preotica® supports and stabilises swine gut flora, reducing digestive disorders and enhancing digestive efficiency. A strong and effective immune system complemented by a healthy microbiome is an essential line of defence against swine disease.


We have observed that the use of Preotica® products results in enhanced swine health, optimised muscle proportion and body fat content, enhanced microbial and viral resistance profiles.

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Preotica® - Turkey

20l / 20kg

Through optimising the health of a turkey microbiome and immune system Preotica® assists the GIT absorption and subsequent utilisation of functional nutrients within existing feed diets. Preotica® targets modulation of the turkey immune system to reduce inflammation, decrease mortality, boost a weakened immune response, manage gut health, and provide an alternative approach to prevent disease and control pathogens when conventional methods are not efficacious or not readily available.


Preotica’s role in immunomodulation is an integrated, coordinated approach to produce healthy turkeys that are also safe and wholesome products for consumers.

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