functional fungus

"Fungi have been responsible for providing a variety of bioactive compounds with diverse activities which have been developed into blockbuster drugs such as Cyclosporine, Caspofungin, Lovastatin and Fingolimod etc. It has been reported that ca. 40% of the 1453 New Chemical Entities (NCE’s) approved by USFDA are natural products, natural product inspired or mimics many of which have their origins from fungi. Hence fungal compounds are playing a very important role in drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry.”


  - Current Bioactive Compounds Journal (2019)


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Grow greens for a groovy smoothie or gourmet meal! Take action with vitamin and alkaline rich microgreens packed with zesty flavours.



Assisting bee health by focusing on increasing their immune systems at the hive level. 

Mushroom Honey


Our friendly pollinators have been using mushrooms and bush foods from the

beginning of time. Now you

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Bee Pollination Kit


Grow food for our Bees with this Home Grown Pollination Kit!


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